awalt - all women are like that

What is AWALT?

AWALT is an acronym standing for “all women are like that.” But what does it mean, exactly? There is no one definition, although it’s most often associated with the men’s movement MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Below is my distillation of the main points of AWALT:

  • All women are capricious. If you don’t know what “capricious” means, get a fucking education, idiot. Women have no real loyalty, except to the fulfillment of their own passing whims and desires.
  • All women are selfish. Looking out for numero uno is job one for every woman on earth.
  • All women are betrayers. They won’t hesitate to stab men in the back, and can’t wait to justify it to themselves. Sadly, they have no loyalty to each other either, and will throw other women under the bus even faster than men.
  • All women want whatever it is they don’t currently have. When they get it, they immediately want the opposite.
  • All women are manipulators. Like spoiled children, they reap the benefits of the social order men built for them (often at the cost of their very lives) while retaining the freedom to criticize and tear down said social order. You’re welcome, bitches.
  • All women are moral relativists. They pay lip service to the concept of morality, but will violate their own and others’ morals at any time to get what they want.
  • All women will ultimately choose what’s best for themselves in any given situation. Not what’s best for their husbands, their boyfriends, or their partners. Not even what’s best for their own children. What’s best for themselves. Period.
  • All women value material wealth over everything else. Except when they already have it and want the opposite. Until they change their minds again and don’t.
  • All women are addicted to excitement and will choose it over their real-world obligations to friends, family, even their own children. They’ll do this without hesitation, every time, no matter who gets hurt.

Far from being the helpless, fairer sex, women are covert predators that run roughshod over any who get in their way with damn near total impunity. Do not turn your back on them. Most importantly, do not trust them. Remember, AWALT. All women are like that!

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